Chapter 14

14-2. Scope

14-4. Tactical Security

See Page 3-44:

14-5. Tactical Operations

Public Documents

Restricted Documents  Perform a web search when you first read this and periodically thereafter to determine if any of the following documents have been released to public viewing.

– TC 18-01 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare (Perform search using TC 18-01)

– STP 7-11B1-SM-TG Soldiers Manual and Training Guide, Infantry (Level 1) (Perform search using STP 7-11B1-SM-TG)

– STP 7-11B24-SM-TG Soldiers Manual and Training Guide, Infantry (Levels 2-4) (Perform search using STP 7-11B24-SM-TG)

14-6. Law Enforcement Training

14-7. Tactical Training

14.8. Cover, Concealment, and Camouflage