Chapter 18

18-6. Economic Systems

Capitalism and Socialism Compared:

18-7. Economic Systems and Political Terms Associations

18-8. Deficit and the National Debt

d. Long-Term Outlook

e. The Bottom Line

h. The Result

18-9. The Progressive Movement

d. Progressive Presidents

2. Woodrow Wilson

3. Warren Harding

4. Franklin Roosevelt

5. Lyndon Johnson

6. Jimmy Carter

8. Barack Obama

18-10. Presidential Power to Regulate

18-11. Bureaucratic Power

18-12. Social Security Trust Fund

18-13. The Propaganda Machine

d. Media Bias

1. Commission

The first two links below contain the first and second pages of a report by progressive Alec MacGillis that includes examples of commission. The third link is the truth.



The Truth:

4. Omissions

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f. Education System

Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground

Education System Indoctrination

18-14. Voter Apathy and Ignorance

18-15. Influx of Illegal Aliens and the Welfare State

c. After LBJ

Welfare Programs

d. So What?

Welfare Programs and Illegal Aliens

e. Becoming Overwhelmed

f. Democratic Party Voters

18-16. Entitlement Spending

18-17. The Federal Reserve System

18-18. Progressive Movement’s Legacy

Loss of Rights

Operation Choke Point